Immersive Bars & Interesting Libations: Phoenix

A roundup of Arizona lounges, restaurants and bars that go beyond the standard offerings to bring patrons an experience — and a beverage — they’ll never forget.

It’s no secret that the Phoenix-Metro area is home to some of the best bars in the nation. But for those looking for an unforgettable night out or great first date, these unique bars are a must-visit.

The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit is Gilbert’s very own speakeasy. It takes minimal effort to find it and after entering the monthly-changing password, you’re transported to a different era of apothecaries, old-school glam and prohibition.

But, don’t worry there’s plenty of drinks to go around.

Once inside, a long hallway filled with elixirs, and old-fashioned whiskey and alcohol bottles leads you to the actual lounge. A sweet aroma lingers in the air and quiet jazz hums in the background.

Immersive Bars & Interesting Libations: Phoenix
The White Rabbit, Gilbert. Credit: Lydia Curry/AOT.
Immersive Bars & Interesting Libations: Phoenix
The White Rabbit, Gilbert. Credit: Lydia Curry/AOT.

The White Rabbit is celebrating their 5th anniversary this year, and releasing their own private label whiskey, Hush Hush Whiskey as a part of that!

But if you’re not a big whiskey drinker, (and trust me you are not alone in that) the White Rabbit has an expansive cocktail menu, with drinks descending in order of their sweetness plus mocktails!

We had the Delightfully Devilish (left) and the Smoke and Dagger (right) . Both drinks were overall sweet but the Smoke and Dagger did have a kick to it, especially with its tajin rim.

If you’re someone who wants to be captivated by mixology mastership then consider sitting at the bar, especially for mixed drinks like the Smoke and Dagger because where there’s smoke, there’s fire!

Century grand: Platform 18 & grey hen

What’s better than one bar? Three! And that’s what you can find at Century Grand in Arcadia. This restaurant concept features: Platform 18, a train-themed bar and one of the 50 Best Bars in North America, the Gray Hen, a New Orleans style apothecary, and Undertow, an exotic tiki bar.

Platform 18 is best to visit when you have a reservation. They have happy hour from 4 to 6 p.m., with 20% off cocktails!

You get started off with a glass of champagne, an old tradition and sentiment of the former restaurant on property. You’ll sit in a window seat as a nature backdrop plays all while being waited on.

Immersive Bars & Interesting Libations: Phoenix
50 Best Bars. Credit: Lydia Curry/AOT.
Immersive Bars & Interesting Libations: Phoenix
Gentlemen's Heist. Century Grand, Phoenix. Credit: Lydia Curry/AOT.

Like other bars on this list, every sip of these mixology concoctions comes with adventure! If you want to see a smoke show, order the Gentleman’s Heist.

Immersive Bars & Interesting Libations: Phoenix
The Temperance League. Century Grand, Phoenix. Credit: Lydia Curry

Or if you’re not looking to drink, Century Grand makes their own mocktail liquor. The Temperance League is a welcome change to a traditional cocktail.

These drinks are a journey of the senses to a fun symphony of flavors. It’s a quieter crowd and bar, but an amazing place to sit and talk.

At the Grey Hen, mixology is at the forefront. When sitting at the bar, you’re under the belly of a giant alligator and sprawling shelves of bottles and plants.

The bar is constantly reimagining its menu for all the concepts, as creativity takes center stage. While food options at these spots are limited, the focus is on the drinks like the Hero Du Monde, a fun different twist on coffee cocktails.

Immersive Bars & Interesting Libations: Phoenix
Hero Du Monde, Century Grand, Phoenix. Credit: Lydia Curry/AOT.
Immersive Bars & Interesting Libations: Phoenix
The Making of the Remy Martin No. 18. Century Grand, Phoenix. Credit: Lydia Curry

But, there is an entertainment level to both these bars and the mixology skills of the bartenders at the Grey Hen do not disappoint.

Nestled right in the heart of Arcadia, these concepts are not just a night out but a grand adventure of the senses and experiences that are unforgettable.


In the heart of downtown Phoenix, stationed next to the Van Buren and Crescent Ballroom, is the newest bar on the block: Quartz.

This is a world where your birthstone is taking center stage and each one is curated into its own drink.

While the front seating is limited, every spot is a gem! Venture into the Cave to be met by the mesmerizing enclave of mirrored booths and magic. Almost as if stepping into a gem cave.

Immersive Bars & Interesting Libations: Phoenix
Quartz's the Cave, Phoenix, Credit: Charles Barth
Immersive Bars & Interesting Libations: Phoenix
Dripping Diamonds, Quartz, Phoenix. Credit: Lydia Curry

If you want to sit in the Cave, definitely make reservations, and there is a different menu offered than the one at the front of the house.

On a Saturday night, Quartz is busy but not as much as some of the other Phoenix nightlife options. While food is relatively limited, the curated gem-inspired libations make every aspect of the Quartz experience delightful.

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