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The Arizona Office of Tourism and the © Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics have forged a partnership to promote sustainable tourism practices across Arizona’s spectacular landscapes and unique destinations. Because people form lasting connections with nature when they understand how to protect it. Here is where you can find information to equip you with Leave No Trace knowledge and skills to protect Arizona's iconic natural features while enjoying these spectacular destinations.

It begins with The Seven Principles of Leave No Trace.

Arizona's 7 Principles Of

Leave No Trace

No. 1

Plan Ahead & Prepare

There’s so much more than just desert in Arizona. Planning ahead and preparing for the state’s diverse terrain and temperatures means you’ll be able to safely experience all that Arizona has to offer.

No. 2

Stick to Trails

Wander with wonder, but please stick to the trails and camp only on existing or designated campsites. When you minimize your impact, you help protect plants, animals and yourself.

No. 3

Trash Your Trash

Ecosystems are delicate and even organic trash can have a negative impact. So, when it comes to trash and waste, pack it in and pack it out.

No. 4

Leave What You Find

In Arizona, there is so much to discover and history to explore. Take pictures and make memories, but please don’t take mementos or leave a mark.

No. 5

Be Careful With Fire

Minimize fire impacts by using only designated fire pits and keeping your campfire small, safe and attended. Arizona’s hot, dry climate is perfect to catch a blaze, making this principle ever so important.

No. 6

Respect Wildlife

Arizona’s great outdoors is home to more than 800 species of wildlife. It’s best to observe them from a distance, so be prepared to stop and let the wildlife stay wild.

No. 7

Share the Outdoors

Arizona’s landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for reflection. Respect others and their unique connection to the land. Let’s all enjoy the natural world together.

Take Action

Leave No Trace: Protect Arizona's Outdoors

In this short, online course, you'll learn about Arizona's recreation-related impacts; Appreciate AZ's Leave No Trace principles; and how responsible recreation can help protect the outdoor places we love.

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