Skywalk, Grand Canyon West

South Rim, North Rim & West Rim

It’s like a paintbrush, dipped in golds and pinks and oranges and purples, swept over narrows and craggys in an area that’s an average of 10 miles wide (18 miles at its widest) and a mile deep. Step to the edge and take it all in. Then, see it once again, from a different point of view.

The Grand Canyon is divided into three unique areas that each offer a distinct and unique experience and vantage point.

The South Rim and Grand Canyon Village

Due to its proximity to Flagstaff and Williams, the South Rim is the Grand Canyon’s most popular destination. Home to park headquarters, Grand Canyon Village features the park’s largest collection of services, including hotels and lodges, restaurants, a general store, laundry and shower facilities, a bank with an ATM, and a public garage for emergency repairs.

Grand Canyon Village has a number of parking areas surrounding its various viewpoints, but summer days and weekends are crowded. Skip the parking-space race and take the park’s free shuttle buses instead, which operate in multiple loops including a summer run between Tusayan and the main Grand Canyon Visitor Center. The Town of Tusayan is located just outside of the South Rim Entrance Station to the Grand Canyon.

The North Rim

While high elevation and heavy snow keep the North Rim closed during the winter months, this less-traveled area – far away from the crowds of Grand Canyon Village – is a remote, relaxing place to enjoy the beauty of the canyon in solitude.

Usually accessible from mid-May to October, the North Rim offers visitors a campground, general store, and camper facilities. It’s also home to the historic and rustic Grand Canyon Lodge. Additional campgrounds, lodging options, and stores are available at the Jacob Lake Inn year round, approximately 45 miles north, outside the entrance to the park.

The West Rim

Welcome to Grand Canyon West, home to the Skywalk. Sitting 4,000 feet above the Canyon floor, the glass-bottom Skywalk is truly a modern marvel. Hiking is available from Guano Point. For overnight accommodations, guests can enjoy the Hualapai Ranch at the Rim or Hualapai Lodge, located on Historic Route 66, just over an hour from the rim. For the adventurer, explore Grand Canyon on a one-day Grand Canyon whitewater raft adventure with the Hualapai River Runners. All river guides are certified and provide narrations on Hualapai culture and history during your unforgettable journey.