At the bottom of a canyon that varies between narrow and wide, one that’s saturated in reds, golds, oranges, and purple, lies the bright blue river that started it all. Hop onto a rafting trip through the Grand Canyon, and see how the Colorado River worked on Arizona’s best-known natural wonder.

Most trips start out at Lees Ferry near Page, Arizona, but you can choose from several options for types and lengths. Whatever you choose, book early – waiting lists can be lengthy for these popular voyages.

Full-canyon trips

Both motorized and oar-powered rafting trips are available. Motorized trips are faster and usually take six to eight days, while oar-powered trips are typically 10 to 14 days. Longer excursions are also available.

Half-canyon trips

For a shorter trip, usually four to nine days, a rafting trip through half the canyon may be your best bet. These split trips switch out midway through the canyon, at Phantom Ranch, so you’ll need to plan on either hiking up Bright Angel Trail out of the canyon at the end of your trip, or into the canyon to the ranch at the beginning.

One-day trips

Available from within the Hualapai Reservation, one-day rafting trips give you an intimate view of the western Grand Canyon.

For more information

For more information on rafting trips, visit the Grand Canyon National Park website or Hualapai River Runners.

Browse more rafting listings. Hop in and enjoy the water within a national treasure.