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Grand Canyon for Kids

While every visit to the Grand Canyon is special, the National Park Service has designed a Junior Ranger Program to help make the experience extra special for children ages 4 to 14.

By completing various requirements, your child can get sworn in as a Grand Canyon National Park Junior Ranger. He or she will also receive a certificate and a badge – just like regular park rangers wear.

Junior Ranger Program Details

  • Ravens, Coyotes and Scorpions: ages 4 – 14
    • Pick up a Junior Ranger Activity Booklet when you arrive at the park and complete the requirements listed in the magazine for your age group. All three of these programs are available year-round, and badges are available after the activities are finished. Ages 4 – 7 receive the Raven Award, ages 8 – 10 receive the Coyote Award, and ages 11 and up receive the Scorpion Award
  • Phantom Rattler Junior Ranger: ages 4 – 14
    • There are two requirements to become a Phantom Rattler Junior Ranger and receive your certificate, badge, and patch. First, you have to make it to Phantom Ranch, and second, you must complete the activities in the Junior Ranger booklet. This program is available throughout the year.

For questions about the program, head to the National Parks website.

Follow in the footsteps of the National Park Service rangers – explore the Grand Canyon.

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