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Around-the-Rim Tours

From an around-the-rim bike tour to geology explorations on foot to rugged Jeep excursions, there are multiple ways to discover the North and South Rims of the Grand Canyon. For a real treat, plan your tour for sunset or sunrise and see the canyon at its most beautiful.

Biking Tours

Touring the canyon on two wheels is an exhilarating and healthy way to take in the sights. Bicycles are prohibited inside the Grand Canyon (below the rim), and along any paved or unpaved portion of the Canyon Rim Trail. Here are just a couple of our favorite biking tours:

Hermit Road: This eight-mile trail starts just west of Bright Angel Lodge on the South Rim. Most of the trail runs within a few yards of the canyon, offering cyclists a series of impressive panoramic views.

The 2.8-mile Hermit Road Greenway Trail, between The Abyss and Hermit Rest, provides a bicycle path away from the road and, in places, along the rim.

Mule Rides

Mule train rides from Grand Canyon Village down the Bright Angel Trail are a Grand Canyon tradition – but there are several ways to take a mule trip:

  • Canyon Vistas Mule Ride: A four-mile, three-hour mule activity that travels along a new East Rim trail, five miles east of Grand Canyon Village. Wranglers stop six times along the trail to provide information about geologic formations, human history, fire ecology, and more.
  • Overnight Rides to Phantom Ranch: An intense ride that reaps a lifetime of rewards. Descend down the 10.5-mile Bright Angel Trail (approximately five and a half hours, with breaks), across the Colorado River on the Suspension Bridge, and up Bright Angel Canyon on the north side of the river to Phantom Ranch. Stay at the bottom of the canyon either one or two nights, then ride the 7.8 miles back up, via the South Kaibab Trail.
  • North Rim One-Hour and Half-Day Trips: Ride along the North Rim, either to Uncle Jim Point or down the North Kaibab Trail, as far as the Supai Tunnel.
  • Havasu Falls Trip: Skip the three-hour hike and take a mule ride to these spectacular falls instead.

Jeep Tours

Hop in and hold on! A professional driver will take you on a safe, thrilling ride throughout Grand Canyon National Park. Whisking you around to different viewpoints and scenic overlooks, an open-top Jeep tour will blow your hair back – and enrich your family's Grand Canyon experience. You'll venture down back roads and rocky trails as you discover just how exciting nature can be.

Geology, Landscape and Nature Eco-Tours

Enlist a tour guide to lead you around the park and discuss the Grand Canyon’s natural components. From learning about the formation of the canyon to its earliest inhabitants, there is much to know about the history and make-up of this natural wonder. Be sure to bring your camera, as you will no doubt discover native wildlife and foliage worth remembering.

For more information on Grand Canyon tours, visit the Grand Canyon Chamber of Commerce and the Grand Canyon National Park's website.

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