Travelers from around the globe get their kicks in this Northern Arizona gateway to the mother road as well as to an amazing national park, the Petrified Forest.

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It’s hard to say what takes center stage in Holbrook. It’s a canvas painted with mid-century Route 66 kitsch, Wild West characters, and unforgettable landscapes.

Cherished for its roadside Americana charm, Holbrook sits within the Painted Desert, a remarkable area of rocky badlands that stretches from the Grand Canyon to the Navajo Nation. It’s one of Arizona’s most dazzling and lonesome landscapes, with layered bands that change color seemingly every hour.

But back to that tepee. The whitewashed concrete and steel teepees are part of Wigwam Village, constructed in 1937 on Route 66. It’s a blast for the kids – and nostalgic adults, too – to spend a night here. The vintage cars parked outside just add to the retro appeal.

Downtown, a self-guided walking tour starts at the courthouse visitor’s center and introduces you to historical sites like the Bucket of Blood Saloon and the Blevins House, where a shootout between the gangsters and the sheriff occurred.

The vibrant history of the people is more than matched by the geological wonders here. Once native grasslands, the eroded, quiet beauty of the Petrified Forest is bewitching

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Holbrook Chamber of Commerce | 100 E. Arizona St. | Holbrook, AZ | (928) 524-6558 | www.holbrookazchamber.com/

County It all started How High? Head Count
Navajo 1917 5,082ft 5,053

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