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Old-time ranch adventure since 1926. This rustic, ranch getaway offer guests quiet accommodations, gourmet dining, and a variety of outdoor activities.

Circle Z Ranch

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This is an all inclusive vacation, including 3 meals a day, comfortable lodging, horseback riding, tennis, hiking, bird watching, nature walks, guided stargazing, and more! Explore the sky islands of southern Arizona on this historic ranch where our seven adobe cottages are meticulously detailed for your stay. Our fine dining will satisfy the most discerning tastes. Our ranch-bred, ranch-trained horses will guide you through our endless variety of trails. You will explore lush riparian areas and high grass valleys. Join us for an old-time, but not old-fashioned, dude ranch vacation.

Circle Z Ranch
1476 Highway 82
Patagonia, Arizona 85624

Phone: (520) 394-2525
Toll Free: (888) 854-2525

Hours Of Operation:
Stays are booked from Sunday to Sunday or from Sunday to Thursday. Open for all holidays (including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter)

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