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Architecture in Art

April 1 through April 30, 2014
Phippen Museum

Architecture in Art featured at the Phippen Museum
Architecture in the western United States is as diverse as American society itself, shaped over time by numerous internal forces, external factors and regional influences. As a whole, it represents the rich, unique and innovative traditions of the west. From kivas and teepees to shacks and log cabins, buildings of the early West were created from the resources immediately available. But as the nation grew and railroad lines were established, settlers would send east for exotic lumber, glass windows, fancy fixtures and all the resources necessary to build a ‘modern’ and civilized life in the west.

And from March 8th through July 13th, 2014, the Phippen Museum in Prescott, Arizona, will present Architecture in Art, a special exhibition of artwork featuring the unique and diverse manmade structures and dwellings created in the American west. 

“Manifest destiny, the Louisiana Purchase and the California Gold Rush were all instrumental in pushing Americans toward the West,” said Phippen Executive Director Kim Villalpando. “And perhaps no other area in the United States has wider diversity in the styles and types of architecture represented than in the West. Some builders adopted the techniques used by the Pueblo people. Others were influenced by the Spanish missionary style. And many were still determined to copy the more cultured architecture of the Eastern states or even reproduced examples from Europe.” 
Artists participating include Cyrus Afsary, David Halbach, George Hallmark, Dan Mieduch, Robert Peters, George Phippen, Ray Swanson and many more.

In addition to this unique presentation, specially designed art and heritage programming will be scheduled to accompany and enhance this exhibit’s theme. For more information on this or any other event at the Phippen Museum, please visit their website at

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4701 Hwy. 89 N.
Prescott, AZ 86301
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