Zuni Pueblo

Learn about the richness of the Zuni culture by discovering their needlepoint and inlay silver jewelry, beautiful clay pottery, stone "fetish" carving, and other one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Zuni pueblo is definitely an artist community. While a small portion of the reservation is located in Arizona's Apache country, the majority of their tribal lands is located just across the state line in New Mexico.

History & Nature

Eight years before the European pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, the Zuni people were the first to encounter Europeans. In 1539, the Zuni came into contact with Spanish explorers, hoping to find gold and wealth. Many ancestral sites remain, including villages built into the side of cliffs that tell the story of Zuni history and culture.

Right Now

Location And Nearby Communities

Located southeast of Holbrook, is a small portion of land, with the main reservation in New Mexico.

Nearby Communities:
St. Johns

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