Sedona, Arizona


Tours of Arizona, whether self-lead or follow-the-leader style, create a unique path that showcase the state.

Snap on your helmet and ride your bike all the way from the Grand Canyon to Tempe. Step into a helicopter to see the Salt River and Fountain Hills outside of Scottsdale. Follow a knowledgeable hiking guide through Arizona wilderness. Wander through wineries in Arizona wine country.

Many of the best tours happen either behind the wheel or along for the ride, on a drive. Gawk at the magnitude of Monument Valley, wave to the statue standin’ on a corner in Winslow, peek at the charm of Bisbee’s hillside hotels and homes, jump into a pink Jeep and off-road through Sedona’s red rocks, and more.

Hop in your own vehicle and hit the road – a few famous drives include Route 66, Oak Creek Canyon, and the Apache Trail Historic Road. Motor coaches, pink Jeeps, and shuttles allow riders to concentrate on all that surrounds them.

“I spy with my little eye” saguaro cactus, blue skies, enormous mountains, and Arizona ahead.

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