New River, Arizona by Linda Stewart

Sunshine and Cacti

By: Linda Stewart

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August 10, 2015

Life in New River, Arizona.

About the author

Linda Stewart

Linda Stewart was the July 2015 photo contest winner.

 I have lived in New River, Arizona for  about 25 years. Most of my pictures  are taken from my property out here.

 A few years ago I bought a Nikon  Coolpix L320, on sale, as a  Christmas  present to myself. Every  direction that  I look from the house, provides different and unique views, which makes  every picture  special.

 I received a bunch of comments on my Facebook for this particular image and decided to submit it to the Arizona Office of Tourism Photo Contest.

I take a short walk everyday with my camera and share the photos that I take with my Facebook friends. I saw this contest and decided to also share with the Arizona Office of Tourism. I'm glad that people enjoyed looking at this picture. I was walking in front of my house and happened to catch the light coming through the cactus and voila!

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