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Relax at Tucson’s Luxury Destination Spas

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November 14, 2017

Canyon Ranch and Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa pamper their guests with a multitude of holistic services.

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Want to feel like a celebrity for a few days? Follow the fanciest of folk to Tucson, and get pampered at one of two spectacular destination spas. At both Canyon Ranch and Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa, the discreet spa specialists – who aren’t naming the names of their VIP regulars – will treat you like a star, even if you’re not prepping for the red-carpet circuit. Whether you have something specific to work on or you need an overall tune-up, these exceptional and accessible spas are perfect getaways.

Plan Your Spa Vacation to Canyon Ranch

What you’ll notice right away about Canyon Ranch is the number of choices you have. After nearly 40 years in operation, their “Guide to Services” is close to 100 pages long with more than 200 different options listed. Don’t worry – a skilled advising staff provides expertise to help you plan the perfect stay. Two to four weeks before you’re scheduled to arrive, a program advisor will call you to start the planning process, and when you arrive, the details will fall into place – mixing restoration, exploration and transformation.

No matter how you spend your day at Canyon Ranch –floating in one of four swimming pools, enjoying the resort’s creative arts experiences or working with their health and wellness experts – you can look forward to award-winning gourmet menus throughout the day. Deeply satisfying dishes at this all-inclusive paradise feature fresh, authentic and local ingredients. You might never have experienced food this good – food that’s good for you and enhances your healthy choices, or possibly gives you a kick-start toward the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

In a world where screen time is nearly nonstop, most of Canyon Ranch is a cellphone-free zone. It might feel a little strange to live in a world without a constant series of blinking notifications, but give it some time and you’ll probably be reluctant to leave.

Relax & Unwind at Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa

Kicking off their third decade of service, the mission at Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa is simple – to provide an opportunity for guests to find a life of balance: physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually and intellectually. And, like at Canyon Ranch, they’ve done that work exceptionally well, as Miraval is consistently recognized for its excellence by publications such as Travel+Leisure and Condé Nast Traveler.

You’re invited to stay in the resort’s casita-style accommodations on 400 awe-inspiring acres and make choices for yourself to make life more meaningful and enjoyable. Want to unwind and learn to live and feel better? Miraval’s highly personalized experience lets you live in the moment in the gardens, at the three swimming pool areas or under the stars at the panoramic kiva fire pit.

The personal touches are what make Miraval especially memorable. For example, you might find a handwritten note from a staff member in your room, encouraging you on your journey toward balance. That personalized vibe continues at its “Life in Balance” spa, where you can feel the healing spirit before you get to the entrance, with well-manicured grass under your feet and the scent of jasmine filling your nose. The design is simple yet luxurious, making the 23 treatment rooms “a haven for renewal, relaxation and rejuvenation,” according to Grant Bruce, Spa Director. Of course, there’s more to Miraval than just mud wraps and massages (although those are great, too). Pilates, lessons in beekeeping, and rock climbing are also on the menu.

Beyond these two destination-spa options, Tucson’s other resorts also offer great spa options for all budgets, and many include local natural ingredients in their spa treatments. For more information, head to VisitTucson.org.


Brought to you by Visit Tucson, (800) 638-8350, www.visittucson.org.

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