Grand Canyon Railway Station, Arizona

Magical Winter Wonderland

By: Sneha Ranebennur

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February 10, 2017

It was cold and snowy day when we decided to drive up to the Grand Canyon from Phoenix to see the canyon covered in snow.

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Sneha Ranebennur

Sneha Ranebennur was the February 2017 photo contest winner.

It was a cold and snowy day when we decided to drive up to the Grand Canyon from Phoenix to see the canyon covered in snow. It was a day before Christmas and the beginning of a long weekend off from daily routine life. 

Our journey began early in the morning.  As we drove from Phoenix to northern Arizona, it was mesmerizing to watch the desert, sun, sand, mountains and snow in a day. We entered the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park and were welcomed by snow flurries, it was an amazing start to the trip.

We decided to hike trails at every viewpoint possible and began with the spectacular Bright Angel Trail. The views from the South Rim are spectacular thanks to sweeping panoramas everywhere you turn. It was an amazing treat to the eyes to watch the whole Grand Canyon Village change from its everyday shades to snowcapped white—finally bringing in a white Christmas.

 Grand Canyon Village, a National Historic Landmark District,  includes some of the most historically significant buildings in  the area—some nearly 100 years old—built by the Santa Fe  Railroad at the beginning of the 20th century. Trains have  always been my favorite mode of transport and having  watched the movie The Polar Express on the previous night of  the journey, I strongly believed that miracles would happen. I  could not contain myself when I saw the rails of the Grand  Canyon Railway. Like a little gal, I grabbed my camera and ran  toward the railway station.

 Paving my way in almost a foot of snow, the snow was making  its way into my boots which did not matter until I took the  picture. For a while I could gaze only at the beautiful winter  wonderland that nature had created for me. It  was the best and most magical moment I have ever experienced. From the lonely benches and green windows complementing the log building, to the Grand Canyon train engine trying  to make its way on the white tracks, everything in this vision stood out against the radiance of the beautiful blue sky. With a layer of fresh white snow, it looked even more picturesque.

Last Christmas was the most beautiful experience at the Grand Canyon and I would love to enjoy this every year. The magical winter wonderland, as I would like to describe this picture, is the most delightful piece of art I have created with my camera lens.

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