Lava River Cave, Arizona

Adventures In Lava River Cave

By: Coleman Becker

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December 23, 2016

The Lava River Cave's just outside of Flagstaff are just one of Arizona's unexpected destinations.

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Coleman Becker

Coleman Becker was the November 2016 photo contest winner.

The beauty of Arizona cannot be denied. As a photographer, it provides opportunities I haven’t found anywhere else. And sometimes you have to go underground to capture the magnificence of Arizona. I took this picture in the Lava River Cave near Flagstaff.

When I first found the cave, I knew I’d happened upon a magical place.  Just a few feet in, the darkness was complete. My headlamp lit the walls and my path, making dancing shadows with every turn of my head. When I came upon the fork in the road shown in the photo, I could just imagine the lava carving its way through this rock that now left me with a choice to make. If you go to the left you’ll find—no, never mind. You can discover it for yourself. 

Before I made my choice, I took this photo. If you go to the cave, you’ll have the same choice—and a similar adventure of your own. You absolutely won’t be disappointed.

I have been taking photographs since I was nine years old. In recent years, I have focused primarily on my passion for rock climbing and outdoor adventure. I have always found that taking photos of nature is difficult because my goal is to capture a moment that truly represents what I am seeing. But even more important to me is that I show something that the viewer would see if he or she came to the same spot—that’s what I would call an honest picture. 

I sincerely believe that my photo of the Lava River Cave is an honest picture. The expanse you see is as breathtaking as it looks; the stillness you can sense is really there; and the blackness that is right behind you is absolute. If you doubt it, come see for yourself. 

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