WOPIDA GATHERING of NATIONS ~ Native Cultural Special Event & Conference

Oct 01-03

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  • Time2:00 PM to 6:00 PM


Annual Transformational Shift Events, International & U.S Conference

~ Native Cultural Special Event & Conference"

This event is being held in the beautiful red rock country of west Sedona, Arizona at a private retreat center, on sacred, ancestral Yavapai-Apache land across from Bear Mountain.

October 1-3, 2021
Friday: 2:00PM - 9:PM
Saturday: 9:00AM - 6:PM+
Sunday: 10:00AM - 6:PM

West Sedona, Arizona
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This event is comprised of indigenous People contributing from 15+ unique Native Nations [when you include all of the various Apache Tribes.]

This will include Native, Indigenous Cultural, Ancestral and Cosmic, Star Nation Elders, Spirit & Creation Story Tellers. Fine Artists, Singers, Flutists, Dancers, Drummers. Sacred Native Insight, Wisdom, Spirituality, Guidance. Cosmic, Star Nation Stories, Song, Dance, Artwork, Life.

The goal of this year's Native Cultural Special Event & Conference is to provide sacred ancestral, spiritual & cosmic topics, story-telling, artwork and traditional music to move your hearts & souls; and, help you to remember one of the reasons You are on this planet - to experience all of the joy in the storytelling, artistic expression & creation... humans are capable of, especially our Native brothers & sisters.

There is great beauty in Native artwork, in all of its forms, including song and dance, which you shall see a lot of this year. This will be a contemporary experience of the culture, music, arts, beliefs, spiritual values, and respect, that Native indigenous People hold for their people, for this land, for all of nature and for Creation, that can have a positive influence on many of us.

This year's experience will also be an intimate event, set in the round, held on sacred, ancestral Yavapai-Apache [Yah-vah-pey'In-dey'] land, at a private retreat center, located across the road from Bear Mountain, Sedona, as was my September 2020 Wopila Gathering conference. It will be complete with 30' round authentic Lakota tipi & large-scale sweat lodge, consistent with Native Council gatherings, meetings and sweat ceremonies. We look forward to seeing you at this sacred celebration of our Native Indigenous people, their lives, spirituality, culture, music & artwork. Expect this to be a fun, interactive experience with the many Native presenters... the whole weekend.

Speakers/Presenters lead by Clifford Mahooty (Zuni Star Nation Elder, many time guest of "ANCIENT ALIENS", interpreter of star glyphs & symbols)
James [White] Wakute "Moves Like Thunder" (Dakota 5th Generation Sundance & Yuwipi Chief, Medicine Man)
Robert Soto (Lipan Apache, acting Chairman, Bird, Feather, Gourd, Eagle, Hoop Dancer, flutist, Religious Leader)
Beuhla Nahwegahbow(Objibwe'), Star Nation Elder & Cultural Teacher)
Gordon Lewis "Brightstar" (Yavapai-Apache, Int'l Fine Artist & Highly Knowledgeable Cultural Teacher of Ancestral Ways and great great-grandson of Geronimo)
Lorrie Lawrence and James Bilagody (Navajo/Dine'), the Producer & Interpreter/Narrator of the incredible Navajo/Dine' documentary movie "HOZHO ~ THE BEAUTY WAY"
Middle Verde Yavapai-Apache Bird & Feather Singers lead by Ron Yuan of the Quechan Nation
The five (5) famous across Indian Pow Wow Country, Apache Nation, Ga'an, spirit, mountain "CROWN DANCERS"... and much much more.

Also featured will be artists (fine artist painters, carvers, potters, silversmiths). and, the many guest artists ~ will be bringing & selling ~ their unique Native art creations made available only to the Attendees for purchase... at this special event. And, for the first time ever at one of this kind of Transformational Shift Event ~ two (2) raffles, one of which the complete proceeds will go to benefit the burgeoning young local artists of the Middle Verde, Yavapai-Apache Art Guild.

Singers The Bird & Feather Singers of the Middle Verde, Yavapai-Apache Nation.

Dancer Performances Famous throughout Indian Pow Wow Country ~ Apache Nation, Ga'an, Spirit, Mountain "CROWN DANCERS",
Musicians, flutists and drummers.

A storytelling highlight will include a screening by Lorrie Lawrence and James Bilagody (both People are Navajo/Dine'), of the heart-moving Dine'/Navajo documentary movie "HOZHO ~ THE BEAUTY WAY", with a discussion, and Q&A workshop immediately following the movie.

And, many, many other presenters. All amazing life stories.

Please join us!

Mitakuye' Oyasin.

  • Location private retreat center
  • West Sedona
  • west Sedona, Arizona, Arizona 86336