Nov 16th

  • Time6:30 PM
Born in Eugene, Oregon, but raised in Huntington Beach, Southern California, Jake Smith is master of his own domain. Like so many creative spirits, he is often drawn to the shadowy side of the street, unveiling scenarios – effectively mini-movies – that sometimes have their roots in reality, sometimes not, but either way are delivered with unswerving conviction.
“I am able to put myself into the situation of the character, even though that character may not represent my point of view,” he reflects. “I try to take it to a human level and keep it as honest as I can.”
It was country that grabbed him first, his parent’s music of choice, then punk that sound-tracked his high-school days – an early indication that for Jake Smith, later to adopt The White Buffalo motif (“It sounds mythical and weighty, bigger than a single person”), it was always about the emotional connection.
‘On The Widow’s Walk’ is a bold and compelling statement from a unique talent; an artist whose instinct for working between the musical lines has seen his star very much on the rise, playing to a million followers worldwide and securing a Top 10 spot in the TV Film Syncs Chart for 2019, with ‘The Woods’ (featured in TV show ‘The Punisher’) also figuring in the Top 10.
With uncontrived, hand-crafted music now receiving increased levels of attention, music straight from source, the timing is perfect for this powerful, provoking new album and a fresh turn of the page.
  • Location The Orpheum Theater
  • 15 W Aspen Ave
  • Flagstaff, Arizona 86004

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