Superior Burro Run

Oct 23rd

  • Hours7:30am
  • Admission$60

The Superior Chamber of Commerce is excited to bring back two of the town’s most popular events: the Superior Burro Run and the 33rd Annual Apache Leap Mining Festival. Held over the weekend of October 22-24, 2021, these one-of-a-kind events will celebrate Superior’s rich history as a mining town with a series of fun, family-friendly activities, ranging from pack burro racing to a hands-on mining competition and more.

With a long history in Colorado, where it is recognized as the state’s official summer heritage sport, pack burro racing debuted in Arizona in 2019 with the inaugural Superior Burro Run. The sport is a throwback to mining days, when “burros” (the Spanish term for donkeys) were used to pack supplies and ore. For this year’s event, teams consisting of one human partner and one burro partner will compete for glory — and gorgeous custom prizes! — in one of three course lengths: three-, six- or twelve-mile. On Saturday, October 23, the teams will race down Main Street and out onto Forest Service trails, navigating together to see who has the best partnership and the fastest feet. Each course will conclude back on Main Street, where spectators can watch the teams dash across the finish line. Spectators are encouraged to attend this exciting event, which will also feature a beer garden, live music and other entertainment, as well as trained burro adoptions from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).
  • Location Downtown Superior
  • 165 W. Main St.
  • Superior, Arizona 85173

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