Stories in Stone with Dr. Awe

Sep 17

  • Hours7 PM

Dr. Awe, Associate Professor of Anthropology at Northern Arizona University, Director of the Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance Project and Emeritus member of the Belize Institute of Archaeology, will showcase exciting discoveries he and his team have made about life in ancient Maya cities hidden in the jungles of Belize. Through the use of LIDAR technology that revealed buried Maya structures and DNA studies on remains in newly discovered tombs, the team extracted clues about human conditions.
Dr. Awe has conducted archaeological fieldwork in every corner of Belize, and his research has touched on every facet of Maya civilization. He was recognized for his work with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Archaeological Institute of America.
“This year’s Festival of Science, whose theme is Stories in Stone, is a wonderful opportunity for me to share results of my long and ongoing research on Maya civilization, and on the significant information that is encoded in the monuments of the ancient Maya,” said Dr. Awe. “Maya monuments encode important information on how this fascinating civilization viewed their universe, and how they interacted socially, politically and ritually with their gods and peers.”
Festival to showcase Indigenous cultural sites, cliff dwellings and pueblos
Historian and Festival board member Kathy Farretta noted, “Science gives us so many tools to discover hidden human stories, including a closer look into the many remarkable cultures right here at home.” Festival-goers will also have the opportunity to learn about other ancient cultures, including Indigenous inhabitants of the Southwest. Against the backdrop of the breathtaking landscape of Northern Arizona, the Festival will showcase some of the most pristine Native American cultural sites, along with one of the largest concentrations of cliff dwellings and pueblos.
“In particular, Wupatki National Monument protects one of the most densely populated archaeological landscapes of the Southwest, where multiple cultural groups coexisted and interacted in the wake of the eruption of Sunset Crater Volcano,” said Flagstaff Area National Monuments Chief of Resources Lisa Leap, also a Festival Board member.

Sponsored by W. L. Gore & Associates, the event is scheduled for 7 p.m. Friday, Sept. 17, in Northern Arizona University’s Ardrey Auditorium.

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