Saguaro Fruit Harvest Weekend

Jun 17th – Jun 19th

The Sonoran Desert Inn and Conference Center (SDCC) is delivering an exclusive experience with its authentic Saguaro Fruit Harvest Weekend, a series of culturally and geographically unique activities at the SDCC, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument (ORPI), and the Ajo Scenic Loop, from June 17 -19, 2022.

In addition to taking part in a traditional Native American harvest, this event includes a two-night stay at the Sonoran Desert Inn, six meals by local chefs, hands-on workshops and a tour exploring Ajo’s mining history and artistic renaissance. Guests will participate in an authentic harvest, waking up with the sun and harvesting saguaro fruit using traditional kukuipad, long poles made of cactus ribs. Harvesting on National Monument land is generally forbidden - this is a rare opportunity to do so with a Native American guide, Lorraine Eiler of the Tohono O’odham Nation. Eiler was born and raised in Ajo and has harvested saguaro fruit most summers since she was a child. She was on the Tohono Oʼodham Legislative Council for 12 years and is a founding member of the SDCC’s parent non-profit, The International Sonoran Desert Alliance (ISDA).

On the first night of the weekend, she will give a lecture about the cultural and historical importance of the saguaro harvest. The weekend will also include other Native cultural experiences and workshops, all with the SDCC’s trademark flair for connecting guests with authentic and local activities. Weekend packages are available for purchase and space is limited. Individuals, couples, and groups are welcome.

The total cost is $525 per person for a private room and $400 per person for a shared room. This all-inclusive price reflects hotel accommodations, meals, workshops, and harvest activities. Weekend packages are on sale now and can be purchased by calling the SDCC at (520) 373-0804. Info: • Contacts: • Maria Singleton, Front Desk Manager The Sonoran Desert Inn and Conference Center, (520) 373-0804, • J Brady, Director, The Sonoran Desert Inn and Conference Center, (520) 373-0804,

  • Location Sonoran Desert Inn & Conference Center
  • 55 Orillo Ave.
  • Ajo, Arizona, Arizona 85321