Feb 14th

  • Time7:00 PM
Two decades. They've gone by in a blur, filled with soundchecks, encores, album releases, and sold-out shows stretching from the California coastline to the UK mainland. Along the way, Pepper has sharpened its own "Kona dub-rock" sound— a blend of reggae, alternative rock, island rhythms, and punky spirit — whilealso building a community of fans and likeminded band.
we wanted a ‘return tocommunity,' that community being the reggae-rock community. We continue toflourish and grow due to the synergy of likeminded bands and fans. Without eachother, we are nothing, from where the music comes from to where it goes. Thisrecord is filtered through the community, a true Local Motion that we are luckyenough to be a part of.
  • Location The Orpheum Theater
  • 15 W Aspen Ave
  • Flagstaff, Arizona 86004

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