Mexico In A Bottle

Sep 22nd

  • Hours4pm-7pm
  • Admission$75
  • Time4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Experience the culture of mezcal and more!

Mexico in a Bottle is the largest tasting event for the incredible world of mezcal and Mexican craft spirits in the United States. The story of mezcal and these other elixirs isn't just about alcohol, each bottle contains a piece and flavor of Mexican culture, and is a living link to history, tradition, food, art, music & life and death all in a bottle.

Join us Sunday, September 18th at the new Walter Studios in Downtown Phoenix for an afternoon celebrating these great Spirits of Mexico! More than 40 brands sharing 150+ expressions of agave and Mexican craft spirits will be on hand, sharing the stories and tastes of their elixirs. There will also be restaurants providing bites and sips, art, music, special programs and more!

Mexico in a Bottle is a Mezcalistas production. Founded by Susan Coss and Max Garrone in 2012, Mezcalistas is a media, events, and consulting company, dedicated to raising awareness about mezcal in the United States. Mexico In A Bottle is working with local company PHX Fest to help assist with the event.

  • Location Walter Studios
  • 747 W. Roosevelt St.
  • Phoenix, Arizona 85007


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