Flatland Cavalry

Oct 11th

  • Time6:30 PM
Flatland Cavalry is breaking out into a gallop. After years of hot trotting across their nativeTexas, the country outfit is primed for a breakout with the release of their third full-length album,the sonically sprawling and wistfully writtenWelcome to Countryland.
The Texas sextet--bandleader and chief lyricist Cleto Cordero, guitarist Reid Dillon, bassistJonathan Saenz, drummer Jason Albers, fiddle player Wesley Hall, and recent newcomer utilityinstrumentalist Adam Gallegos--continue to embrace their trademark sound while furtherpushing into the wild unknown. When it was time to embark on recording a new album, restingon their laurels was simply out of the realm of possibilities.
After the release of 2019's critically-acclaimedHomelandInsecurityand their 2016 full-lengthdebutHumble Folks, they’ve been on a healthy trajectory rising through the country ranks. Afteryears of working with Lubbock stalwart Scott Faris in the friendly confines of Amusement ParkStudios, Flatland decideda change of scenery was necessary. Despite some hesitation and amix of emotions, they instantly knew recording at Nashville’s Sound Emporium Studio A withrising producer Jake Gear was the right move.
"With our last two projects, we knew that room andsetup. There's comfort in working withScott," says Albers. "I think it was important to try and further expand with this album. Sonically,this album is definitely something bigger."
“I think everyone kind of experienced this bit of nervousness going from Scott’s studio to SoundEmporium,” adds Dillon. “That first day, everyone was a little fidgety and shy. You eventually fallinto this comfort zone.”
While the roster of collaborative confidants and colleagues (Spencer Cullum, Jim Hoke, BillyJustineau,Hailey Whitters, and Kaitlin Butts) has continued to expand with Flatland's soundstride for stride, Countrylandisn't a cut and paste effort with Nashville studio musicians. Rather,it finds the rootsy Texans delivering their A-game due to countless tourruns zig-zagging acrossthe country and becoming seasoned performers and musicians.
Since their humble beginnings out in the Panhandle town of Lubbock, Texas, Flatland Cavalryhas embraced their surroundings and rural West Texas roots. Formed in 2014 while attendingTexas Tech University, Cordero and company made their presence felt within the Hub City's songwriting circles and dancehall circuits. Banking on Cordero's earnest pen and the band'sblend of country instrumentation, toe-tapping grooves, and earworm choruses, Flatland quicklybecame a regional sensation.
  • Location The Orpheum Theater
  • 15 W Aspen Ave
  • Flagstaff, Arizona 86004

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