Flagstaff Festival of Science

Sep 18-26

From buried Maya cities to prehistoric southwestern cliff dwellings, the 2021 Flagstaff Festival of Science will explore “Stories in Stone” on September 17-26 in Flagstaff, Arizona. Archaeologist Jaime Awe, Ph.D., will lead off the free, 10-day adventure as he shares his zest for exploration, passion and in-depth research of the lasting grandeur of Maya civilization.

Full program of events to include presentations, workshops and guided tours
The Festival of Science will feature a full program of free events held Sept. 17-26, including a wide variety of presentations, hands-on workshops and interactive discussions, classroom talks, and guided tours led by outstanding Flagstaff scientists. Festival-goers can explore the stories of ancient civilizations presented both in person and virtually (depending on guidelines and restrictions for social distancing).

The Flagstaff Festival of Science serves to connect and inspire the citizens of Northern Arizona, particularly youth, with the wonders of science and the joy of scientific discovery. The Flagstaff Festival of Science is a free annual 10-day event wholly designed to promote awareness and enthusiasm for science in and about Northern Arizona, and is fondly known as the “10 best days of the year.” Established in 1990, it is the longest running, entirely free public science festival in the USA.

For more information about the Festival of Science, visit www.scifest.org or our Facebook page, LinkedIn page or Instagram page.

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  • 1115 Knoles Dr
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