Experience Ireland - "The Great Irish Adventure" Season 2

Apr 29th

  • Time5:30 PM to 10:00 PM
From Tullamore to Middleton we’re off on a journey to seek out Ireland’s most precious jewel of them all. Buckle up for this road trip, this is the great Irish adventure. From award winning filmmaker Matty Steinkamp comes season two of The Great Irish Adventure with 3 new virtual reality experiences, a special whiskey tasting, live music and so much more. Season two dives into the Wild Atlantic Way, an exclusive tour through Ireland‘s most tasted distilleries, and an adventure into Ireland‘s past with the sacred sites of the celts. Join us for a night to experience Ireland here at the Irish Cultural Center and McClelland Library on November 19th with the entire family.
  • Location Irish Cultural Center
  • 1106 North Central Avenue
  • Phoenix, Arizona 85004