Enchanted Safari by World of Illumination

Dec 3rd

  • Hours6PM-10PM Nightly
  • AdmissionStarting at $39 per car load
Gear up for one wild holiday adventure. Trek over land, sea and air to hear the jingle of the jungle. A host of exotic animals will be there to greet you from peacocks to piranhas. Soar among the clouds as you fly with reindeer then outrun a T-Rex as you whiz past a land lost in time. Come face to face with the King of the Jungle and beware of the Tunnel of Tentacles where you’ll fend off sharks and jellyfish trying to steal your holiday spirit. Your journey ends at Santa’s Bazaar, where all your new animal friends will be decking the halls! Be sure to buckle, up — it’s a jungle out there.
  • Location Desert Diamond Casino
  • 9431 W Northern Ave
  • Glendale, Arizona 85305
  • Upcoming Dates
  • Saturday, Dec 3
  • Sunday, Dec 4
  • Monday, Dec 5
  • Tuesday, Dec 6
  • Wednesday, Dec 7
  • Thursday, Dec 8
  • Friday, Dec 9
  • Saturday, Dec 10
  • Sunday, Dec 11
  • Monday, Dec 12