Dribble 4 Cancer

Oct 14th

join us Oct 14, 2023. Help break a Guinness World Record, hear guest speakers, meet star athletes and celebrities while supporting a cause!

Be part of the "Dribble for Cancer" event, featuring celebrity guests and top athletes, as we attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most basketballs dribbled in 30 seconds.

Join this unique experience, where your participation not only contributes to a record-breaking moment but also supports a noble cause, with all proceeds and donations directed towards cancer research and supporting 5013c's.

Stand united with stars in the fight against cancer and create a lasting impact together!

This event will take place at Tanner Chapel AME Church 700 E. Jefferson Street, Phoenix AZ 85034

Buy your tickets on Eventbrite now! Click the link below and secure your spot in the "Dribble for Cancer" event.

Check out our site! www.dribble4cancer.com

This event is from 9:00am -12pm

  • Location Tanner AME Church
  • 700 E. Jefferson Street
  • Phoenix AZ, Arizona 85034

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