Craig Gass

Sep 17th

  • Time7:00 PM

His eclectic resume is scripted from two decades of working rooms, following leads, embarrassing and endearing strangers while building a modest and devoted fan base. Craig didn't pursue a particular career path, the career happened to Craig; in no small way thanks to his uncanny ability to capture the voice and idiosyncrasies of the celebrities he impersonates.

Craig Gass will make you laugh, weep, choke, recoil and most importantly, recognize that the faults, flaws and freaky behavior that we all possess, do not define us but rather, unite us. We all have way more in common than we do that divides us, he delivers as the Dave's crowd prepares to depart their favorite shit hole post-performance. It's the perfect postscript for a funny man standing at the crossroads of superstardom or sitting on the bus stop of professional oblivion. Either way, we'll be right up front, cheering and jeering.

  • Location The Orpheum Theater
  • 15 W Aspen Ave
  • Flagstaff, Arizona 86004

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