Bisbee 1000, The Great Stairclimb

Oct 21st

  • Hours7am - 2pm

The most unique physical fitness challenge (or friendly fitness walk) in the USA! Bisbee 1000 The Great Stair Climb is arguably one of the most unusual and challenging events in the USA. The 4.4-mile course features nine staircases (over 1000 total stairs) connected by winding roads. While enjoying the challenge, runners and walkers alike see some of the most scenic parts of Bisbee. Take a delightful journey up the stairs and down the roadways! Do It For Your Heart!

If the Europeanesque charm of Bisbee is not enough to draw you to the event, then add the dedicated efforts of the City staff, police, fire departments, musicians, and citizens cheering you on your way up and down and all around our mile high city. The Bisbee 1000 is not just any race; think of it as a garden tour, a home tour, a musical extravaganza, a costume ball, one heck of a party, and a celebration of the community spirit. We hope you will join us.

As challenging as the course is, the Bisbee 1000 attracts a most diverse group of participants, from children age 7 up to adults in their 80s, and people of many fitness and ability levels. Some are serious competitors out for a win, some for a brisk jaunt, and still others simply want to stroll and enjoy the spectacular views. Many dress in outrageous or silly costumes. Although the Bisbee 1000 is its own cause célèbre, it has also been the setting for family reunions, school reunions, company team competitions, birthdays, and—on at least one occasion that we know of—a wedding proposal.

  • Location
  • 201 Tombstone Canyon/PO Box 1099
  • Bisbee, Arizona 85603