Stand at the edge of Morenci Mine to watch the activity in this open-pit mine, the largest producer of copper in North America.

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Prepare to be astounded by the view at this modern mining operation in Morenci.

It’s quite a thing to stare down into the gaping expanse of one of the biggest open-pit copper mines in the U.S. One of Arizona’s 5 Cs – the others are cattle, cotton, citrus, and climate – copper helped build the Grand Canyon State.

Morenci is a mining town; always has been since its establishment in the late 1800s. Five miles north of town, the Morenci Mine Site provides a spectacular view of the striated pink, gold, and white cliffs where this precious metal is pulled from deep in the earth.

It’s more than just mining, though: Morenci is a full-service community. The Morenci Community Center & Aquatics Facility has indoor and outdoor pools, fitness areas, ball courts, and an indoor climbing wall. And 10 area parks with playgrounds, covered picnic spaces, and baseball fields make it easy for visitors of all ages to enjoy the town’s year-round beautiful weather.


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Morenci Townsite | 438 Plaza Dr. | Morenci, AZ | (928) 865-6598 |

County It all started How High? Head Count
Greenlee 1909 4,747ft 1,489

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