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Northwest of Phoenix, the small community of Morristown enjoys big fun on Lake Pleasant.

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Morristown lays just a short drive from the shores of Lake Pleasant. One of the finest water recreation lakes in the state, the lake offers pontoon boat and personal watercraft rentals as well as trails and picnic areas at the water’s edge. True to its name, this watery playground is in a pleasant desert setting.

Water of another sort once drew celebrities to the area around Morristown. Zane Grey, the Rockefellers, and John F. Kennedy used to visit Castle Hot Springs – located about 20 minutes from town. The natural springs, which produced 180,000 gallons of hot water a day, were thought to have healing powers. The U.S. military even used the site as a rehabilitation facility for injured veterans in the 1940s. The main building was damaged in a fire in 1976, and what remains of the property is now maintained by caretakers and can be viewed from the road.

For a little cowboy fun, pay a visit to Morristown’s Western Trails Ranch. Occupying a former ghost town, the ranch features rodeo events as well as live music and western fare.

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