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Enjoy an upland country experience in the white mountains. Tiny Concho retains its quiet, rural roots in a surprisingly diverse community. 

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Founded by sheepherders in the late 1860s, Concho is one of the original pioneer towns in the White Mountains.

Though many believe the town’s name refers to the Spanish word concho, meaning “shell,” in reality, it’s a Basque word that means “small valley.”

Water from Concho Creek and Concho Springs nourished the grasslands, which attracted New Mexican sheepherders in the mid-1800s. Soon after, a small group of Mormon settlers joined them. The sheepherders thrived until World War II.

Sometimes called Old Concho, this is a peaceful town rich in tradition and folklore. Every year, residents gather for the San Rafael Fiesta, to reminisce at the lovely San Rafael Catholic Church. The town also hosts several other lively events including a Memorial Day parade in May and a Holiday Bazaar in December.

In the newer Concho Valley, established in 1971, boating and fishing are popular pastimes at Concho Lake. 

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County It all started How High? Head Count
Apache 1860 5,942ft 38