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Watson Lake (Prescott) by Michael Wilson


Lovers of the outdoors, take note: Arizona’s wilderness thrives in Winkelman, Arizona.

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At the confluence of the San Pedro and Gila rivers, Winkelman holds just the right ingredients to become a desert oasis. The rivers’ waters feed the area’s beautiful, sprawling desert landscape – enhanced by a majestic mountain backdrop – while also hydrating a diverse collection of wild residents.

You come here for the outdoors. The Aravaipa Wilderness Preserve encompasses every hiker’s dream: beauty, wildlife, varying microclimates, challenging hikes, and peace and quiet.

Don’t forget the binoculars. You’ll want to spy on the hundreds of species of birds and numerous varieties of mammals, amphibians, and reptiles that call this little section of Arizona’s Gila River valley home.

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Copper Basin Chamber of Commerce | 355 Alden Rd. | Kearny, AZ | (520) 363-7607 |

County It all started How High? Head Count
Gila 1949 1,968ft 353

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