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  • 05.28

    Monarch Conservation Day

  • 09.03

    Cool Summer Nights at the Desert Museum: Fiesta Fin de Verano

  • 09.03

    Jerome Art Walk

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  • Soar like an Eagle: SE Arizona Glider Flights over the San Pedro Valley NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!

    NOW TAKING RSVP's for morning, afternoon and sunset flights! Call 520.803.6713 and ask for Tony.

  • Columbus Day Sidewalk Sale

    Join us on Friday, October 7 - Monday, October 10 for a fall fashion sidewalk sale in honor of Columbus Day!

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The Grandest of All Canyons! Grand Canyon Day Tour from Phoenix

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Is the Grand Canyon on your life list? Join Geo Savvy Tours for a personalized day trip from Phoenix to the National Park. Once the Grand Canyon enters your heart, it stays with you! $190 per person.
“The Grand Canyon fills me with awe. It is beyond comparison – beyond description; absolutely unparalleled throughout the wide world…the one great sight which every American should see.” –President Theodore Roosevelt Travel with Geo Savvy Tours as we embark on a memorable day excursion from Phoenix to the South Rim of the Canyon. This tour includes a scenic drive through Sedona Red Rock Country, Oak Creek Canyon, and the pine forests of Flagstaff, before we arrive at the great chasm – 12 miles wide and one mile deep, indeed the grandest of all canyons. The Canyon is a geologic museum of epic proportions, where nearly half of Earth’s 4.6 billion-year history is displayed. We will be at the South Rim for 3 hours to learn and explore, and soak in the splendor. Once at the Canyon you will have the option to walk the “Trail of Time”, 1.3 miles from the Yavapai Geology Museum to the Grand Canyon Village. Visit El Tovar Lodge, Kolb Studios, Hopi House and have lunch in the Grand Canyon Village. We will also stop along the East Rim of the Canyon at Grandview, and Desert View Tower, before making the drive back to Phoenix. We will make stops for snacks and to stretch our legs along this 14 hour journey. With 5 million visitors traveling to the Grand Canyon each year it is important to travel responsibly to reduce the impact on this natural wonder, so that it is in good condition for generations to come. Geo Savvy Tours specializes in environmentally responsible travel. Carbon emissions generated by our van transportation are offsets by carbon credits through Terra Pass. Pick up from your hotel lobby or rendezvous point between 6:30-7:30am. We will return you to your hotel around 8:00pm. We will make stops along the way to stretch our legs, and you will have options to purchase lunch and dinner. Water and snacks are included. Pricing does not include lunch and dinner. View pictures of this trip on our website:

Price: $110 - $190


20908 W. Wycliff Drive
Phoenix, Arizona


Advance registration required and is dependent on tour availability.

Offer Valid:

Feb 17, 2013 — May 12, 2013



20908 W. Wycliff Drive
Phoenix Arizona

Phone: 480-334-1194


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