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    Cool Summer Nights

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    Summer Farmers Market

  • 07.04

    32nd Annual All American Festival

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  • SPECIAL OFFER: Grand Canyon Guided Hiking Tour

    MEET: Grand Canyon National Park VISIT: South Rim, Bright Angel, Indian Garden LENGTH: 4 days HIKE RATING: Moderate-Strenuous, 5-7 hours/day, 3000'-5000' elevation gain/loss

  • Customize your own TOUR PACKAGE... small groups of 4-10 persons

    Enjoy your own group charter for up to 10 persons. Pick ups in Tucson and Sierra Vista. BASE RATE of $300 for first 3 hours plus $50 per hour thereafter. 100 mile radius. (or fuel surcharge may apply)

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Spring Equinox New Beginning Ceremony, Celebration & Sound Healing--Sedona, March 20


With Willkasara: 
Wachan, Inca Medicine Man from Peru; Markita, cultural ambassador and keeper of ancient songs from Columbia and their gifted daughter, Shiqwarkenty.

Sound is the essence of creation. 
Through sound we open our inherent connection with the spiritual world, 
and with all living beings in Mother Nature. The sacred music from the Andes connects us deeply with our inner self. 
Our songs are prayers to activate harmony and love that dwells within." This is an alchemy of the elements, your sacred breath, releasing, prayers, sounds, renewal energies of spring that are potent on the equinox turning point. You open connection with the healing vibrations of earth as you recalibrate, renew, and activate your new beginning. Wachan and Martika share their heart-centered wisdom drawn from their ancestral heritage in way that is universal to all people. Willkasara skillfully weave vibrational sound healing--drums, a variety of hand made flutes by Wachan that evoke heart presence and the healing sounds of voice from Martika and Shiqwarkenty--with participatory ceremonial experiences. You sink deep into your roots as you tap into your inherent connection with Mother Earth to rebalance your energy system to move into new frequencies. Spring Equinox is an ancient time for renewing balance and beginning anew; one of the 4 seasonal turning points of the year. 
What seeds of new beginnings are you ready to sprout? Sedona Creative Life Center 
333 Schebly Hill Rd, Sedona 
fireside in the Sedona room 6 - 9:30 pm PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED "Our work is to be a bridge between the ancient and the modern world at the same time we are the connection to bring together different cultures to share and to learn from each other through the sacred music and our ancient ceremonies. Sound is the essence of creation. Willkasara is working in preserving the ancient sacred music from the Andes. The pre-Colombian music has been surviving for thousands of years and been passed down orally generation after generation. The music is the spirit of the cultures.

Price: $88


P.O. Box 3288
Sedona, Arizona


No restrictions.

Offer Valid:

Mar 11, 2013 — Mar 20, 2013



P.O. Box 3288
Sedona Arizona

Phone: (928) 282-0846


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