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  • 09.03

    Cool Summer Nights at the Desert Museum: Fiesta Fin de Verano

  • 09.03

    Jerome Art Walk

  • 09.03

    Movies on the Square: Hotel Transylvania 1 & 2 (Double Feature)

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Sedona Sacred Sites, Spirit of Place, Mystic Insight 1 day journey


Sedona Vortex Tour + Earth and Sky Speak to Us and Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey seminar in nature. Travel by SUV amid Sedona's landscape temples for a flowing, informative day immersed in energies.

1. Vortex tour: A personalized exploration of Native and metaphysical legends and the qualities that have made Sedona a place of inspiration for thousands of years. We go to all the major named "vortex" sites and much more. With maps and ideas for self-exploration.

2. Earth & Sky Speak to Us: Observe, unwind as you open to perceiving the natural world in a more attentive way.

3. Modern Day Mystic: Direct experience with the sentient universe as you practice skills of direct knowing using shamanic journey and awareness of signs, energies coming to you.

Price: $0 - $490


P.O. Box 3288
Sedona, Arizona


$220 + tax each with 3 people, 8 hours$295 + each each with 2 people, 7 hours$490 + tax with 1 person, 6 hours

Offer Valid:

Mar 11, 2013 — Jun 09, 2013



P.O. Box 3288
Sedona Arizona

Phone: (928) 282-0846


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