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    Intimacy of Faith

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    Wish You Were Here: Bill Green’s Wickenburg Postcards

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    Sanctuary: Perspectives of Resilience

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Moonlit/Pre-Sunset Guided Hike in the Old Pueblo. Exciting scorpion hunting included under moonlight

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The day is ending in Tucson so turn your attention to the stars & our clear sky. It's time to see the many faces of the Sonoran Desert while enjoying some of the most magnificent sunsets on earth.
MOONLIT GUIDED HIKES are offered from 4 days prior, to the day of and 4 days after a full moon. End your day with a brilliantly beautiful sunset followed by a moonlit guided hike. Flashlights, black lights, the stars and your trail guide will guide your way with help of the moon. It's fun! See the sun set over giant Saguaro cacti. Be amazed at the beauty & awesome views before you as the clear desert night comes alive! The black UV lights pick up the flourescence of our desert critters, the elusive scorpion. They can't hide from us! Your trail guide will explain what desert life is all about...the unusual plants seen before the sun goes down and, if we're lucky, we'll come across some wildlife like coyotes, cactus wren, small lizards, roadruners or javelina (pronounced have-a-lee-nuh). Then the night sky becomes our beacon as we traverse trails, many walked upon by ancient people who left behind stories etched in the rocks called petroglyphs. We'll have to see them before dark, of course.  They leave from various trail heads. Start times vary with sunset & time of year. There's a trail for just about anyone with any physical ability, from beginner to intermediate to those who challenge the elevations and boulders of the largest mountains around. If you need a car to get from your hotel, motel or resort, take advantage of our Hike'N'Drive plans with Enterprise, You can book your car on-line on our website. Enterprise discount code for Phoenix is L508619. For Tucson it is L508620.

Price: $106 - $129


1800 East Ft Lowell Road
Suite 126-111
Tucson, Arizona


With a minimum of 3 booked on one reservation, you can order and enjoy our Hike'N'Lunch option. Rates are $20 per person for adults and $10 for little hikers 13 and under. Order your freshly prepared "chow down in the desert" lunch.

Offer Valid:

Jun 04, 2015 — Jun 30, 2015



1800 East Ft Lowell Road Suite 126-111

Tucson Arizona

Phone: 480 448-2004


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