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  • 12.02

    Andrea Bocelli

  • 12.02

    Sons of Orpheus 18th Annual Holiday Benefit Concert

  • 12.02

    Vintage Trailer Group

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  • Photo Tour of the Arizona Desert and Missions One Day Tour

    Join us for this instructive Photo Tour of the Southern Arizona Desert and Spanish Missions one-day tour. We'll be joined by International Master Photographer and Guide, Stephen Gittins.

  • Sunshine on Sale at Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa

    Receive a free night to enjoy the new pools in this beautiful Scottsdale resort.

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Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter

Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter is an exceptional science learning facility located at Steward Observatory's "sky island" observing site just north of Tucson, Arizona. The SkyCenter builds upon the uniqueness of the 9157 feet summit of Mt. Lemmon and on the extensive knowledge base at the University of Arizona to deliver educational adventures including:

SkyNights is a night-time observing program that provides the opportunity to peer beyond the blue horizons of our southwestern skies and explore astronomical wonders that have fascinated us from time immemorial. Star charts, binoculars and a superb 24-inch telescope are just some of the resources of this program. The SkyNights experience is offered virtually every night throughout the year. Join us as part of a group for the evening hours and enjoy our Universe like you've never done before!

DiscoveryDays explore the scientific, historical, and natural wonders of Mt. Lemmon and the Catalina Mountains by interacting with UA scientists in this hands-on program. Topics include tree-ring science, hummingbird studies, updates on recent astronomical discoveries, ecology, meteorology, and more.

AstronomerNights opens up nearly exclusive, extended access to our 24-inch telescope like a professional astronomer. This unique experience allows one or two visitors to observe with an astronomer/guide, be lodged on site in our dorm, acquire high quality images of objects of their choice, and have images processed and subsequently made available to them. Groups can be accommodated with adjustments in program and fees. There are no prerequisites on experience or education: just a curiosity about our universe and an interest in exploring it first-hand!

Our Workshops immerse you for several days and nights at our mountaintop facility in the focused study of a topic in the sciences or arts. The in-depth instruction and hands-on activities will hone the skills of even the most accomplished student.

Contact Information

933 N. Cherry Avenue, Rm. N208
Tucson, AZ 85721

Phone: (520) 626-8122
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