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Arizona Office of Tourism Launches FY14 Marketing Co-operative Program

September 04, 2013


Plan Promotes Unique Rural Arizona Visitor Destinations   

This week, the Arizona Office of Tourism (AOT) launched its FY14 Marketing Co-operative program. The initiative promotes and encourages visitation to Arizona’s unique tribal and rural travel destinations.

Through this program, industry partners outside Arizona’s major metropolitan areas collaborate with AOT on advertising efforts extending the reach of their marketing programs, maximizing available funds, and increasing the overall exposure of statewide tribal and rural destinations.

This is the second year the agency has used the Marketing Co-operative program to promote Arizona tribal and rural tourist opportunities.  The FY13 program concluded this month with impressive results for participating communities. AOT will share the full impact of the FY13 program in October.

For FY14, 25 statewide communities are participating in the program, which is a 32 percent increase from last year.  Seventeen of those communities participated in the FY13 program and have returned to participate again. With community contributions and AOT’s matching funds, the FY14 program will be a $1.5 million dollar year-long campaign.

“Many communities who participated in the last program returned to take part in this year’s program, which is a true testament to the effectiveness of this fantastic co-operative plan,” said Sherry Henry, AOT director. “This program is just one of many we annually produce to brand Arizona as a travel destination and increase visitation to our state to generate thousands of jobs, millions of dollars in earnings and billions of dollars in tax revenue that goes to strengthen our state’s economic vitality.”

Last fiscal year, 19 Arizona communities partnered with us in statewide and regional advertising efforts. Contributions from these communities and matching funds from AOT generated a $1.2 million dollar year-long campaign. Many of these communities were able to maximize available resources and test out new advertising opportunities only available through the collective efforts of AOT’s advertising co-op program.

“The opportunity to partner with the Arizona Office of Tourism – Marketing Cooperative, allows a rural community like Bisbee, AZ to effectively compete for tourism dollars with an aggressive advertising placement program," said Ilona Smerekanich, marketing manager of the Bisbee Visitor Center. " Ultimately, this partnership literally guarantees the expansion of our tourism and marketing efforts as well as sustaining the vitality of this great little tourist destination."

Program efforts target travelers in the cities of Phoenix, Tucson, Los Angeles and other drive markets such as San Diego and Las Vegas. Internationally, ads are placed in Canadian publications to encourage visitation from the Canadian traveler.  In addition to ad placements in various forms of media, opportunities are also available to participate at discount rates with the agency’s monthly consumer e-newsletters along with various sales, trade and media missions.

Specific program information can be found at  The campaign’s website landing page can be viewed here  

Each year, millions of visitors experience the Grand Canyon State as a travel destination.  In 2012, more than 38 million visitors generated $19.3 billion throughout the state, injecting nearly $53 million each day into Arizona’s economy.

The Arizona travel and tourism industry produces revenue in all 15 Arizona counties, and is responsible for generating $2.6 billion in local, state and federal tax revenues. This equates to more than $1,080 per Arizona household. Additionally, the Arizona tourism industry employs more than 161,300 Arizona residents. Combined with the secondary employment that is generated, nearly 300,000 Arizona residents are impacted by this dynamic industry throughout the state.

For more information about AOT’s marketing programs to increase the economic benefits of the Arizona travel industry, visit


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