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  • 05.26

    Unmotherly Insights - Lunch Time Theater

  • 05.26

    Gaden Shartse Monks Sand Mandala Creation

  • 05.27

    Illuminate Film Festival

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  • Customize your own TOUR PACKAGE... small groups of 4-10 persons

    Enjoy your own group charter for up to 10 persons. Pick ups in Tucson and Sierra Vista. BASE RATE of $300 for first 3 hours plus $50 per hour thereafter. 100 mile radius. (or fuel surcharge may apply)

  • Discount Inner Canyon Tour to the Bottom of The Grand Canyon

    Spend a day at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and on the banks of the Colorado River and save $20 per person! 


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Arizona State Parks

From untouched desertscapes to forests of Ponderosa Pines, Arizona's 28 State Parks are filled with diversity because of the many natural and  cultural wonders that visitors can discover.   Whether you're looking for a place to walk or hike on the hundreds of trails, fish from your private boat or sunbathe along the shores of a peaceful lake, you'll find the perfect State Park that matches you and your family's vacation plans.

The Arizona State Parks department also oversees the promotion of the State Trails System which features more than 500 trails among the thousands of miles of trails to pick from to go hiking in Arizona.  Also, the 800-mile Arizona Trail which goes from Arizona's southern border to the northern border is a popular goal for families.  You can hike it all by segment!   There are thousands of miles of trails are on US Forest Service lands, Bureau of Land Management Lands, State Parks lands, State Trust lands, County lands, and are sometimes parts of the multi-trail systems within the city parks departments.

The State Parks department also oversees the State Off-highway Vehicle trails and programs.  If you want to find an awesome OHV trail such as the "Great Western Trail," you can travel on that road from Mexico to Canada.   Get a new map book and see how a series of backroads will provide excursions on your four-wheeler for many months.   Maybe you just bought an all terrain vehicle(ATV) and are trying to find out which trail is the best for trail riding, then go to  and find a secret place in the state to go play on that new toy.   Just remember that the five US Forests in Arizona now have new maps called "Travel Management maps" that show you which trails are open and which are now closed.   Go and get a new map…..don't use your old USFS maps as they don't have those roads marked. 


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