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  • 12.20

    8th Annual Somerton Tamale Festival

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  • Moonlit Guided Hike (Pre-Sunset) with colorful AZ Sunsets

    Enjoy a day with one of our brilliant, beautiful sunsets followed by a moonlit guided hike. Flashlights & black UV lights with an experienced trail guide will guide your way. It's a real fun time.


  • Two-Hour Guided Hike with Outstanding Views of the Valley of the Sun.

    This is ideal for those who are short on time & are well suited for some challenging or moderate hiking. It's for you! From ascent to descent takes 2 hours. Try it! 2 person minimum on reservation.


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Part of the Greater Yuma area, Somerton lies in the Yuma Valley, 12 miles south of Yuma, 11 miles from the Mexivan border and 180 miles east of San Diego, California.


For Visitors Information:

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  • County: Yuma
  • Year of Incorporation: 1918
  • Elevation: 103
  • Population: 12,346

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