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Don’t let our cacti fool you — Arizona is a place to embrace.

From palm trees to pine trees, Arizona's landscape is brimming with diversity. Our mountains dare you to climb, our valleys coax you to explore and our plains whisper stories of civilizations past. Saddle up to history-rich towns, breathtaking views and world-class fashion and food.

From hiking the Arizona Trailshopping Scottsdale by limo or exploring the trails of ancient pioneers, there’s no wrong path to take. Whether traveling solo or as a prickly pair, Arizona has something for everyone.

Start your adventure with the Official State Visitor's Guide & Map, featuring more than 100 pages of maps, hotel listings, activities, travel features and more. You can also create your dream trip with our online itinerary builder, or see how others are experiencing Arizona on our Facebook fan page.

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  • Things to Do

    Searching for a well-rounded family vacation? Igniting a romance? Hoping to find the perfect meal bursting with local flavor? You can do all those things and more in Arizona. Visit our in-depth things to do guide for these and other vacation ideas.

    Places to Stay

    From star-studded grand dames to high-class golf and spa resorts – and even a quirky insane asylum turned hotel – Arizona has just what you need to get comfy.

    Visit our lodging guide for help finding the perfect Arizona accommodations.

    Packages and Deals

    Planning a trip to Arizona doesn’t have to break the bank. Take a look at our deals and packages developed specifically for budget-savvy travelers.