Expect to be mesmerized by one of the seven natural wonders of the world! Sharing unique views of the Grand Canyon with guests for more than 25 years, Grand Canyon West sits on the Hualapai Indian Reservation, which includes more than 100 miles of the west rim of the Grand Canyon. 

The Hualapai Indian Tribe has welcomed millions of visitors from around the world, and continues to not only share the amazing views from the region, but also the history of the tribe’s legacy and culture that still remains intact today. 

The West Awaits Your Gaze

At Grand Canyon West, there are many opportunities to enjoy the unrestricted beauty and panoramic views of the Hualapai Nation. Visitors have the option to take a helicopter ride to the bottom of the canyon for a short pontoon boat ride on the Colorado River, or to observe breathtaking views from Guano Point and Eagle Point. 

Grand Canyon Skywalk 

Hualapai_Skywalk Framed.jpgGrand Canyon West is also home to the famous Grand Canyon Skywalk, located at Eagle Point. The glass bridge suspends out from the rim – 4,000 feet over the canyon floor. Covered by major news outlets and featured in commercials and television shows worldwide, the Grand Canyon Skywalk is not an attraction to be missed. After the walk in the sky, visit Hualapai Ranch, and experience the Old West the Hualapai way.  

Hualapai Ranch 

Located minutes from Skywalk and near the edge of the Grand Canyon, visit the Old West village of Hualapai Ranch, where guests can enjoy homemade barbecue lunches and dinners, horseback rides around the canyon and games like horseshoes, gold panning and bow-and-arrow shooting. At night under the stars, enjoy s’mores with stories around the campfire, before turning in at one of the rustic cabins settled near the rim for unimaginable sunset and sunrise views of the canyon.

Hualapai River Runners 

Hualapai_RiverRunnersFramed.jpgFor the adventurous and thrill-seeking, Hualapai River Runners has provided guests with a rush of excitement for more than 40 years. As the only one-day white-water rafting adventure in the Grand Canyon, Hualapai River Runners always brings smiles and excitement to each participant – making it a popular Hualapai attraction. 

Experience rapids ranging from levels three to eight, enjoy lunch on the river and a short hike up to Travertine Falls nestled inside the canyon walls. View natural wildlife on this five-hour excursion down the Colorado River, and learn the history of the Hualapai from an experienced boatman. 

Finish the trip with a short helicopter ride to the top of the canyon before boarding the shuttle, which takes visitors back to the Lodge in Peach Springs. Hualapai River Runners operates March through October, but accepts reservations year-round.  

Hualapai Lodge 

After a day on the river, relax overnight at the Hualapai Lodge in one of the 126 fully furnished and updated hotel rooms with all of the necessary amenities. The warm, inviting atmosphere also welcomes travelers making their way along historic Route 66. 

Lodge guests can also enjoy traditional Hualapai dishes and American cuisine at the award-winning Diamond Creek Restaurant. After dinner, stick around to watch Hualapai dancers and listen to traditional Hualapai music. 

So, whether you would like to see the Grand Canyon from the Skywalk, from a helicopter, from a pontoon boat or from a white-water raft, Grand Canyon West has something for everyone. Visit grandcayonwest.com for more information. Each adventure is just two hours from Flagstaff, and can be accessed by car, bus, air or train.

Discover the many ways to witness the Grand Canyon’s beauty – from the sky, earth and water. 

Don’t just see the Grand Canyon – experience it the Hualapai way! 

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