The New Wine Country

Want to see some renowned reds? Don’t just look to Sedona’s famous rock formations. Nearby Page Springs and the surrounding Verde Valley are developing a growing reputation for their reds, too…and their rosés and whites.

It might seem hard to imagine, but the water and soil of this region are prime for producing wine. Savvy grape growers who grapes happened upon the area in the past couple of decades not only took notice – they also took advantage of available fertile acreage where they set about planting the fields of their dreams. Now more than five vineyards and wineries have sprung up along the banks of Oak Creek and the Verde River.


The burgeoning industry has not only been a dream come true for winery owners – many have won national and international vintner’s honors – but the local community has also been reaping the rewards with sustainable agricultural entities, increased tourism and the pride of knowing that many up-and-coming Cabernets, Zinfandels, Sangioveses, Syrahs, Chardonnays, Viogniers and Sauvignon Blancs are coming not just from Napa Valley, but from our own Verde Valley as well.

For a list of local vineyards, wineries, tastings and tours, contact the Sedona Chamber of Commerce at (800) 288-7336.

The Wedding Experience

What pairs perfectly with wine? Romance. Wine and romance both are based on the senses. And every “happily ever after” begins with a memorable wedding. Not only does Red Rock Country provide a treasure trove of beautiful and sacred backdrops for tying the knot, the community itself offers a wealth of people who specialize in making fairytale weddings come true.

sedonaweddingWL004-Couple_at_Red_Rock_Crossing.pngMore than 100 wedding experts are committed to helping couples create the wedding of their dreams in Sedona, and each can tailor a wedding around virtually any budget. Find everything you need – from wedding planners to officiants, renowned photographers and videographers, florists, decorators, DJs, musicians, nationally acclaimed caterers, wedding-cake designers, stunning attire and luxury transportation – all right in Sedona.

Beyond the picturesque creekside locales or the beautiful red-rock resorts, churches or chapels, the area also offers fantastic options for those who like to think outside the storybook. Ever thought about exchanging vows in a hot air balloon or helicopter? How about on a train, a trolley, a mountain bike or in a jeep? Or maybe atop your favorite hiking trail with red rocks in view? There are no limits to the kind of wedding and reception you can have here.

And the options are not limited to weddings. Sedona’s spectacular surroundings and services can also create a most memorable engagement, honeymoon, anniversary or milestone celebration. For more information on creating your perfect event, log on to or call the Sedona Chamber of Commerce at (800) 288-7336.

Brought to you by the Sedona Chamber of Commerce.