Throughout your life, goals are set for you – from A+ homework, to making the Dean’s List to getting to national competitions with your sports team. A whole group of supporters – coaches, teachers, friends and family – prepare you for success, with shiny trophies waiting at the finish line.

With adulthood, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of being fine with where you are because, hey, you’re doing it on your own and life is hard sometimes. Wake up at the crack of dawn, think about running, decide to sleep for 15 more minutes, granola bar breakfast, 8-to-5 work grind, cook a healthy dinner and clean house.

Yeah, right. Get this girl a pizza, a bottle of wine and an Orange Is the New Black marathon. But after a while, how great does it really feel to have your only recent accomplishment be the completion of a 13-episode series?

Get Away from it All

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Tucson’s top destination spas – Canyon Ranch and Miraval Resort & Spa – bless guests with the opportunity to dedicate themselves to themselves, reacquainting people who have lost touch with who they want to be. The resorts are all-inclusive, meaning: You can eat, drink, be merry and participate in life-enhancing activities during your stay.

Stress is reduced because everything is provided for you, and you’re immersed in an environment where it’s ok to make it about you. The goal of Canyon Ranch and Miraval is to have visitors depart feeling healthier, whatever that might mean to them: more relaxed, fit and/or beautiful.

A Menu of Options

When it comes to choices, Canyon Ranch might make an indecisive person’s head explode. Luckily, following an online booking, staff reaches out to future guests to help plan their stay. If a future patron hopes to reduce stress, for example, representatives recommend certain spa treatments, discussions with specialized advisors and activities to help achieve that goal.

Michael Tompkins, chief executive officer of Miraval, actually came from Canyon Ranch’s sister property in Lenox, Massachusetts. He summed it up best, “When you get out of your car at Canyon Ranch, you go, go, go and you sign up for activities,” he said. “When you get to Miraval, you get out of your car and you stop.” At Canyon Ranch, you speak; at Miraval, you listen; these are both good things.

Mother Nature’s Splendor

In addition to getting in touch with yourself, Miraval encourages guests to connect with nature. Tucson’s environment is so different from anywhere else in the United States. When you slow down, you’ll hear the trickling of running water, birds calling out overhead, a breeze whisking through the trees.

Miraval plays up the scenery with strategically placed views throughout every aspect of your day – panoramas of the Santa Catalina Mountains from floor-to-ceiling windows, outdoor showers and massage rooms, an open-air yoga studio. Nature’s symphony, Miraval’s landscape and even the truly wild wildlife are just some of the things that attract guests from around the world.

Experience a Change Within

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Canyon Ranch and Miraval are both destinations and journeys. It’s easy to adjust to living a healthy lifestyle when it surrounds you, but Canyon Ranch and Miraval provide you with the tools to continue those healthy habits when you get home.

You become your own coach and your own biggest fan, with exfoliating sugar scrubs as your body paint and mindful breathing patterns as your war cry during rush-hour traffic. Who knows? You might even wake up 15 minutes early and go for a run.

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