My husband and I love summer more than the average bear. It’s our time to get out and take a moment to breathe. This past July, during his birthday weekend, we decided to take a weekend trip to Sedona in hopes of finding rest, relaxation and some fresh desert air.

Craft Beer at Oak Creek Brewery

We hit the road around 4pm on a Friday and made our way through rush hour traffic to the cheery sounds of Christmas tunes (the only music we could agree on), accenting the not-so-subtle changes in scenery as we neared Sedona. Once we arrived (and possibly due to Christmas-driven insanity), our first stop was for a cold local brew and some dinner at Oak Creek Brewery & Grill, located in the beautiful Tlaquepaque Arts & Craft Village. We decided to sit out on the patio , and raised our Oak Creek Amber Ale and Horseshoe Hefeweizen pints to a weekend away together. It was the perfect kickoff to our trip.

A Stay at the Enchantment Resort

Enchantment pool remodeled- with frames.jpgAfter a delicious dinner and a bit of window-shopping, we hit the road yet again (still listening to Christmas music – I think this is a problem!) and headed down Highway 89A toward the luxurious Enchantment Resort. As we drove down Boynton Canyon Road, the red rock views became more and more breathtaking and the further we drove, the setting became more and more private. After we pulled into the resort and were greeted by the friendly reservations staff (each wearing a name badge highlighting where they’re from – a cool touch to really get a feel for how world-class this resort truly is), two deer walked up to our car – something you don’t see every day in Phoenix. I’m still only 90% sure this isn’t their standard greeting!

We were then whisked away on a guided tour of the resort via golf cart, learning about its rich history and American Indian influence. Every touch and detail had a story, and it all made the experience incredibly unique. We were dropped off at our room just as the sunset reflected an amazing glow off the towering red rocks. To say it was gorgeous would definitely be an understatement. We spent the rest of the evening exploring the resort – finally taking a dip in the pool and enjoying each other's company on the patio at Che-Ah-Chi, one of the resort’s four on-site restaurants.

Hiking the Boynton Canyon Trail

The next morning, we put on our tennis shoes and headed out of our casita to the Boynton Canyon Trailhead, a fantastic hike that’s great for even the most inexperienced hiker. The air around the trail was so crisp, and even though it was slightly sprinkling, it was exceptionally quiet. Little did I know, we were making our way through one of the famous Sedona vortexes (there are four in the area), often said to bring yin/yang balance to passing hikers. Lucky for us, balance was just what we needed.

Finding the Sedona Fudge Co.

We headed back to the resort to get ready for the day, pausing briefly at Che-Ah-Chi for breakfast and mimosas (with a view!) before heading back down 89A to explore the endless rows of shops, restaurants and galleries. During our little journey, my sweet tooth couldn’t help but notice the smell of sugar in the air getting stronger and stronger. We ended up at the doors of The Sedona Fudge Company, and I quite literally turned into a kid at a candy store. The nice (and very patient) woman behind the counter let us (mostly me) try a few different flavors before deciding on the Bell Rock Fudge, their version of Rocky Road. After the first creamy, handmade bite, I knew there was no way I was sharing.

It started to rain pretty hard so we headed back to the resort to kick our feet up with a bottle of wine by the fireplace as we listened to the rain through our open casita door. If anything, sitting there listening to the rain, along with the rest of the great weekend, gave my husband and I the opportunity to spend quality time together and we were able to do so in a beautiful and serene part of Arizona. We were able to relax, experience the energy of Sedona and refresh...together. If you’re looking for a place to find your center and get away, Sedona is the perfect spot.

Adrianna Dalpiaz is originally from New York, but has lived in the Grand Canyon State for 24 years. She grew up in Tucson – went to school in Flagstaff – and currently lives in Phoenix. She enjoys local beer, hiking and experiencing the uniqueness of Arizona with her amazing dogs… and her husband.