When I was about 16, I was given an old Minolta 35 mm by a friend.  His home was filled with beautiful landscape photos and at age 16 I thought, “I can do that!”  I learned very quickly that it wasn’t quite that easy.   I remember trying to load the film and hearing it tear as I forwarded to the next frame – oh it was horrible!  But after reading numerous books and practicing a lot, I’m doing much better.

I have since purchased a Canon Rebel, which makes adjusting the camera for shots much easier and once I download the film I am amazed to see the results.  I don’t like to edit my photos a lot; I prefer to leave them as they are from the time they are taken.  Cropping or saturating the color is acceptable, but to completely change the photo by enhancements is not my preference.

The one thing about photography I enjoy the most is when the click of the shutter grasps a moment in time that will never happen again.  Even two people in the same place at the same time will take different shots, due to timing, lighting and perspective.

Canyon De Chelly is absolutely beautiful.  You can photograph for days within the Canyon and never catch all of the beauty there.  The photo of the “Rock with Heart” was taken on September 7, 2010. My husband and I had spent the day walking through the various sections of the Canyon, and at that time of day I was attempting to get some sunset shots and I came across this beautiful shape of a heart formed into the rock at approximately 6:35 p.m.  The sun was not quite setting yet, so I had full sunlight to take the shot.

The location of this formed “Rock with Heart” – is just before the turn-off to what the Navajo call “Alcove Adah Aho’doo’nili (Two Fell Off), which refers to a brave Navajo woman who fought with a soldier and fell to her death, taking her enemy with her.
If you haven’t seen Canyon De Chelly, take the time; the entire Canyon is gorgeous.  The people are very friendly and welcoming and you will be amazed at the gorgeous sites you will see.