Nearing our one-year anniversary with little vacation time, my boyfriend I were looking for a quick yet exciting getaway to spend one of our few Saturdays off. We found it in Prescott.

Our original plan was to spend the day wandering around with no set plans, but as the weekend approached, my inner planner took over and started doing some research. Our one goal was dinner at Prescott Station, since we are huge fans of Carefree Station (I’ll touch more on that later). After a little digging around and reading up on the obvious must-see places, we had a somewhat planned out day, but built in some downtime to allow for spontaneous detours.

Our afternoon started out with a quick bite at The Palace, a historic western bar from the early 1900s. We learned it was restored in 1996—although it was done so well, you would never know it! With lif15 - Strolling Whiskey Row in Prescott.JPGauthentic artifacts, photos and western stories decorating the walls, it not only offered the original “Old West Saloon” feel, but also was a great place to learn a little more about the town.

Knowing we would be back on Whiskey Row for some pre-dinner drinks, we decided to head across the street for a walk around the Courthouse Plaza. It was early November, so there was a cool breeze and the trees had just begun changing colors. “People watching” from a park bench was by far one of my favorite parts of the day. Spending time there unwinding and taking in the local downtown vibe made it feel like we were in a different state—and certainly a different state of mind.

After mulling over a few options, we decided to venture a little farther out of the Downtown District to explore the Heritage Park Zoo. Once we got there, we were pleasantly surprised to learn they were not only lama.jpgcelebrating their 25th Anniversary with special events but they had 25-cent admission! It was a quaint zoo situated on 10 acres, but every turn offered more up-close and personal encounters with the animals. From bears and monkeys to mountain lions and a gorgeous tiger, there were more animals than anticipated and we especially loved the petting zoo area!

Thirsty and ready for dinner, we headed back downtown to the Jersey Lilly Saloon. We enjoyed live music, cold drinks and a wonderful view from the only second story balcony on Whiskey Row. From here we enjoyed a brisk few-block walk to Prescott Station, the main attraction of the trip. We had frequently visited Carefree Station (which is now closed), and had not yet experienced the new Scottsdale Station. Our dinner at Prescott Station was just as phenomenal as expected. Great margaritas, a delicious crab cake bread pudding appetizer and the Enchiladas Fruta de Mar (my favorite) culminated in the perfect end to an adventurous day exploring Prescott!

Jamie Harris is originally from upstate New York, but has proudly called Phoenix home for almost eight years. A huge fan of weekend getaways, Arizona’s range of climate, history and outdoor activities has offered her a never ending supply of great adventures. Traveler tip: Never underestimate the power of a spontaneous weekend getaway; an adventurous travel companion, a great playlist for the ride, and little-to-no planning can lead to the most memorable excursions!