A last-minute decision to get out of town yielded loads of fun.
What do you do when you have nothing to do on a Friday night in the Valley? You take off for the weekend to explore one of Arizona’s many road trip destinations. That’s exactly what my husband and I did a few weeks ago as we made a beeline for Prescott and the Motor Lodge.

You Have to Be Lucky to Stay at the Lodge

When we decided at on Friday night to go on a road trip, our first thought was to find a great hotel. My husband had read about The Motor Lodge in Prescott and took a chance that they would have an opening for the weekend. With just 12 quirky and unique suites, The Motor Lodge is often booked months in advance, and once you visit, you will understand why! As luck would have it, they had a cancellation an hour earlier and we swooped in to take the open space, packing our bags and heading out the door.

The drive from Phoenix to Prescott is super fast – especially when you have a great playlist and are singing at the top of your lungs. Every road trip should start with great music, in my opinion. As soon as we pulled up to the Motor Lodge, we knew this place was something special. Straight out of the 50s, the Motor Lodge is a u-shape grouping of rooms and suites that are cleverly decorated. There are outdoor fire pits, bicycles and friendly staff who are ready to chat with you about your stay and give great recommendations on things to do in Prescott and where to find a great meal.

The Lone Spur & Shopping

Since we arrived into town late the night before, a big breakfast was first on our to-do list on Saturday morning. Based on recommendations, we headed to the main square in Prescott to the Lone Spur Cafe. The service was amazing and our food was out within 10 minutes. As a Midwesterner, I am always on the lookout for “real” biscuits and gravy and the Spur did not disappoint! The plate of food was hot, yummy and enormous – a great value for a tab of around $20 for two.
We also had breakfast on Sunday morning at SueAnn’s Apple Pan, a local’s favorite. Again, huge portions and great food. I highly recommend the stack of pancakes, and, of course, the biscuits and gravy. In addition to these great breakfast spots, we also holed up at a coffee shop, Cuppers, to get some work done and check in on email. The atmosphere was perfect as there were others camped out here as well.

Prescott Blog with frame.jpgThe caffeine fix was just what we needed after spending many Saturday hours meandering through the numerous antique shops in Prescott. Each one was as interesting as the next and we hit up about 10 in all, walking down Cortez Street alone. It was the perfect way to walk off that big breakfast!

Some of the stores seemed to specialize in vintage clothing – I tried on a great London Fog raincoat that was just a tad too short in the sleeves or this treasure would have found a new home – while others had booth after booth of antique furniture and vintage kitchen items. We spent quite a bit of time in one shop that had an interesting combination of medical supplies, like beakers and weird jars, and sports memorabilia. 
Prescott was the perfect spot for a weekend getaway on a whim and I can’t wait to go back and explore some more. I highly recommend this destination for a road trip aimed at relaxing and recharging.

Originally a Midwest gal, Carol Klimas married a Phoenician and has called Arizona home for more than a decade.  She loves exploring all corners of Arizona on weekend getaways with her tour-guide husband, Kevin.