Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Camp Verde, is one of the best attractions to visit here in Arizona. You can get up close to the animals in their habitats, and see them featured in amazing shows. Every time I visit Out of Africa, I feel like I get a new experience. There are so many things that make this attraction wonderful for the whole family. If you’re planning a trip to Out of Africa, here are three things you can’t miss:

1) The African Bush Safari is included with the purchase of yourLion(Sabi)_Final.jpg admission ticket. While on the safari, you observe many different animals up close and personal. You’ll get to see zebras, giraffes, gemsbok, and sable antelope, among others. The best part of this tour is when you get to feed the giraffes. The tour guides give everyone treats they can feed the giraffes. The guides also encourage guests to get a kiss from a giraffe by holding the treat in your mouth. It’s a hilarious sight!

2) My absolute favorite thing about Out of Africa is the Tiger Splash Bear_1_Final.jpgshow, which also is included in the admission price. Tiger Splash happens only once a day and you won’t want to miss it! The animal handlers play with the tigers by using inflatable toys and encourage them to get in the pool to play and swim. While the tigers play, they tell you about tiger instincts, behaviors, and why they act the way they do. It’s fascinating to watch the tigers play, and you get close, uninterrupted views of the action. After the show, you can feed a tiger for $5. 

3) Something new to experience at Out of Africa is their Predator Zip Line Tour.Bengal_Tiger_FINAL_2.jpg Predator Zip Line Excursions last two and half hours and you get to learn about several different kinds of animals as you soar above them. This is not your typical tour! Then again, Out of Africa is so much more than just a zoo. The tour fees are in addition to general admittance, and must be reserved in advance, but it’s definitely a wonderful experience!

If you plan a trip to Out of Africa, you won’t be disappointed. I love it each and every time I get to visit, and I always look forward to going. I’ve already planned my next trip!

Michelle L. Chase is an Arizona native who attends Arizona State University. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, hiking, and exploring new things to do in Arizona.